Small Business Loans In Los Angeles

Is an SBA Loan the Best Option for Your Company?
It might be challenging to secure funding for your beginning business. The majority of banks and credit unions only lend to well-established businesses with knowledgeable owners that have been in operation for a while. If your business is young or you are new to your industry, you might not be able to raise money in conventional ways. Your company can grow with small business loans in Los Angeles from QuiqLoans.

Do You Know the SBA Loan Terms?
SBA loans have lenient conditions. Up to 80% of a loan may be financed, and the typical period is 15 years. Zero fines apply if you prepay. Additionally, prequalification may take place within 48 hours of your application’s submission. When deciding which SBA loan applications to approve, we look at a number of different factors, but your company’s cash flow is the major one.
We provide competitive rates on loans. Also, we offer fixed and variable rates.

What Kind of Businesses Qualify?
Our clients at QuiqLoans come from a diverse spectrum of industries. They borrow money from us to remodel, restructure, and expand their businesses. Hotels, motels, daycare centers, auto service centers, vehicle dealerships, petrol stations, car washes, single-use buildings, and veterinary clinics are among them. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are unsure whether your company qualifies.
We also approve loans for financing equipment. Binding and printing equipment, diagnostic technologies, heavy machinery, dry cleaning, and laundry equipment, machine tools, manufacturing equipment, trucking equipment, and medical gadgets are a few examples of the machinery that is covered.
Don’t let your previous loan denials discourage you from investing in your business. Contact QuiqLoans right away to see whether you’re eligible for small business loans in Los Angeles.